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By federal law, anyone who creates adult content must maintain a detailed database of records proving that everyone appearing in the project is above the age of 18 (a set of regulations commonly referred to as 2257 regulations).But the law doesn’t just apply to people who shoot adult content (also referred to as “primary producers”), it also applies to people who upload and distribute adult content (known as “secondary producers”), who are expected to maintain their own records–or, at the very least, maintain a list with the location of the records that apply to the content they’re showcasing.David Karp’s announcement Monday morning re-stated his mission to, “” (italics his).But most people who upload or post porn on Tumblr aren’t creators at all–they’re “curators” at best, and thieves at worst.

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The real problem is that much of that adult material gets shared and reposted into oblivion–easy reblogging is one of Tumblr’s greatest selling points and the fabric of many of its communities.

But porn, unlike pretentious food or non-porny things fitting perfectly into other things, is strictly regulated.

My startup promotes Internet family safety, and as a result I can lay claim to having indexed more pornography than perhaps any other company in the world -- more than Open DNS, Norton, and Mc Afee combined.

We maintain two data buckets specifically for porn.