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Updating xmldatasource

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The Xml Data Source control exists merely as a proxy for retrieving XML data, which can then be programmatically accessed or bound to a data Web control. NET page using the Xml Data Source control, start by dragging the control from the Toolbox onto the Designer (the Xml Data Source control is found in the Data section of the Toolbox).

From the Xml Data Source's smart tag, click the "Configure Data Source" link to bring up the Configure Data Source wizard (shown below).

(Click on the Xml Data Source control in the Designer and hit F4.) Once you've configured the Xml Data Source control, add a data Web control to the page and set its of the Xml Data Source control (a task that can easily be done through the drop-down list in the data Web control's smart tag). NET 2.0 offers two new databinding methods for accessing a particular value or noteset from the XML data bound to the data Web control: .

For controls like the Grid View and Details View, which are composed of fields (like Bound Fields, Check Box Fields, and so on), use Template Fields for each field you want to display.

From the wizard, you can set the Xml Data Source control's three most useful properties: properties.

For more information on RSS and the benefits of syndicating content, check out Syndicating Your Web Site's Content with RSS; also consult the RSS 2.0 Specification.

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is an XML format designed to allow website content to be easily syndicated.

The syndicated content can be integrated into other websites, or can be viewed by individuals via an assortment of desktop applications. For example, the latest 4Guys articles are syndicated at

The Xml Data Source control is a data source control that presents XML data to data-bound controls.

The Xml Data Source control can be used by data-bound controls to display both hierarchical and tabular data.