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It is a part of Russian culture that a woman’s happiness comes from her family, not from climbing the career ladder and becoming totally independent from a husband.

A Russian lady pays much more attention to her looks than an average American or European girl.

She asked Hiashi whether he was certain about his decision to have his daughter join the regular forces, he promptly dismissed her stating that the Hyūga clan had no place for the weak. She shows great concern towards her students and takes a vested interest in their growth, especially in regards to Hinata Hyūga due to knowing full well how Hinata was viewed by her father.

When Hinata tried to offer Naruto some medicine after his fight with Kiba, Kurenai convinced Naruto Uzumaki to take it because she knew of her student's infatuation with him.

The main reason, why online dating services like Kovla are so popular among men, is that they can create new relationships with warm-hearted, easy-going and family-oriented Russian women.

Men who choose Russian brides for marriage know that these women will make their future family priority number one in their life.