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At the same time, new ways to tap the nation's rich supply of natural resources — from oil to gold — continue to create boom towns in some remote Western counties and parts of the Great Plains that have suffered decades of population declines.

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If you're upgrading to the latest version of Apple's operating system, you'll be upgrading to mac OS, not OS X.

The underlying architecture and overall experience remain basically the same, but the name is now consistent with Apple's i OS and watch OS. mac OS Sierra is available as a free upgrade right now, but many people got early access to it by taking advantage of a public beta Apple made available a few months ago.

A new preference pane lets you decide whether Siri will talk back to you or simply type out her answers on screen. Other ways the Apple ecosystem gets more tightly integrated include automatic unlocking of a Mac when an unlocked Apple Watch is close by (and on your wrist). The video stays playing, in the same position, even when you switch among multiple desktops. The Finder gets some welcome additions—an option that automatically empties items from the trash after 30 days, and an option to put folders first when the Finder lists files and folders by name.

Windows has had similar features for years, and they're overdue on the Mac. Automatic uploading to i Cloud from your Desktop and Documents folders.

At the time, the Macintosh’s desktop wasn’t necessarily the first such system, but it did introduce the desktop to a mass audience, which makes looking back at these programs such an interesting experience. Opening up each one of these programs is a portal back in time.

The mystique went all the way back to the beginning to the Apple II era," Kapor said. It was clear that the Lisa was out, and was not setting the world on fire.

As the Macintosh was going through its painful development process in California, Mitch Kapor was sitting on top of the world.

In 1982, after a stint with Visi Corp, makers of the first spreadsheet, he co-founded Lotus Development, which created 1-2-3, a spreadsheet application for the PC that quickly became the market leader.

While digging for dirt on Mac's parents, Veronica discovers that Mac was switched at birth with Madison Sinclair.

Since the mistake was uncovered four years after the births, the parents decided to keep the children.