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Dating your customers nice dating site

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Now let’s look at how customers find your business online. How are you being loud and proud about the client experience that you provide?

With the power of the internet today, your business and how it looks online is exactly the same as online dating.

Would you agree to go out on a date with someone who you did not know and called you out of the blue? You’d expect a little flirting and romancing first, right?

And, you’d want to have an idea who’s asking you out too.

Permission Marketing, on the other hand, offers an opportunity for consumers to choose whether or not to be marketed to.

Much like Inbound Marketing, it only targeting volunteers, Permission Marketing assures that the consumers pay more attention to the Marketing message.

The “remember me” option lets customers pay with just a click, without having to remember their credit card details.

Most businesses that rely on Inbound Marketing for lead generation offer an incentive for leads to opt-in to their mailing list.

Use the same card data to let them pay with one click.

You have full control over the offers that are displayed.

Here is how online dating sites work: you go online to the site; you browse through pictures and look for someone that catches your eye and then you click.

But wait, why was that picture taken there and why are all the pictures selfies with that crazy pose? After you finally find that image that has sparked your interest, you then read the person’s profile and decide if you should like them, email them, swipe left or swipe right. Your online visibility, reputation, videos, and what others say about your business and how you market – will likely be what initially grab’s a potential customer’s attention. What are your customer’s saying about you in their reviews?