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The exceptions (which arguably fit in either) are when people are writing VBA code to interact with a database.

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- On Episode 181, the podcast reached two years of streaming at the same time MASSolutions celebrates 13 years of doing business!

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A fun, final segment of the podcast includes the Sights & Sounds of Marketing, reviewing the significant messages and music of a particular year.

Tune in as Dave highlights 13 years of No BS Marketing this week on the No BS Show.

When the Sony hack spilled correspondence that revealed she'd been paid substantially less than her male costars on , taking aim at the double standards that sometimes pressure women to act nicer, and negotiate less, than their male peers. I didn't really realize how angry and distorted I felt. I felt like I had the right to say, "I don't want to be photographed right now, I don't want people outside my house right now, I don't want my nephews in ." I felt so much anger of "Why can't I just do my job? CL: It makes me a bit sad if you don't feel you're entitled to that now.__JL:__I don't, but that helps. Obviously." And I just wouldn't shut up about it. So I was like, "I'm going."CL: You had saved up enough babysitting money to go to New York?

"I want to fly under the radar," she says, but "my mouth has just made it impossible." Well, good! JL: I've always been a real stickler with money.

In his new book “Indie Spiritualist: A No Bullshit Exploration of Spirituality”, Chris Grosso says this:“Many of us looked to religion or spirituality for answers, but soon found that neither the dogma of old religion nor the ‘love and light’ fluffiness of New Age spirituality were approaches that resonated with us.

And I don't know if I'm gonna like that other planet or have friends there." So… And then I was like, "That's what I've been saving for….

[.] But I hate the "movie star blues." We are so lucky, and I love my life. Then you read a script, and you were like, "This is where I'm smart." Do you still feel that connection when you read a script? Developing a character is the only thing in the world I feel 100 percent confident in, that I understand. She has this frustration that's not very likable, to lie next to your children and say, "I feel like I'm in a prison." But it's true.

Then I wouldn't have a new headline out today that I wore the same jeans three days in a row. CL: When you first got into acting, you said you felt like you weren't connecting with what was in school; you didn't feel smart in that situation. [But] it's on set, finding that character, feeling the emotions, getting that adrenaline—it is such a rush. And I liked the beginning, when she wants more than what life has bestowed onto her.

You can't photograph me." I would love to be able to control being photographed. I don't know how to describe it—reading a script is like a map. It's all four seasons of success—before, when you don't believe in yourself; when you do believe in yourself, and nobody else does; and then all of the awful things that come afterward.